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If you have insurance coverage that includes collision and auto body repair, it's important to realize that you have the right to choose which shop performs the repairs. Many times insurance companies will help you select a shop (if you don't already have one in mind) and these shops tend to act like their customer is the insurance company - not you. At Sumpter Collision, we work for YOU! We offer insurance deductible payment assistance*, free car loaner cars*, and more*!

When you bring your vehicle in for insurance work, you WILL receive a top quality repair. You have the choice on whether or not to use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts instead of cheaper aftermarket parts (which may keep the price down). We recommend using OEM parts because they ensure the vehicle is put back together according to the original specs since these are the same parts used in assembling the vehicle in the first place. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes insurance companies will make you pay the difference in cost if you insist on OEM parts.

How Much Will An Insurance Claim Cost You?

The cost of an insurance claim all depends on the amount of the deductible you selected when you signed up for coverage. A common deductible amount is $500 and if that happens to be your deductible, you'd be responsible for paying the deductible amount ($500) out of pocket. Deductible amounts do vary depending on your insurance policy and can range from $1000 down to $0. Typically, the higher the deductible, the lower your monthly payment is.

But remember, when you file an insurance claim for your auto body or collision repair service, you can take advantage of our insurance deductible payment assistance which can waive up to 100% of your deductible! Call for details.

How Do I Start A Collision Claim?

One great thing about bringing your vehicle to Sumpter Collision for your collision & auto body repairs is that we work with just about all insurance companies. That means if you need to get repairs on your insured vehicle, you can bring the vehicle straight to us for service. And remember, even if the vehicle cannot be driven, we're happy to provide free tow truck service to our shop. When you come in, we'll be able to assess your insurance coverage, contact your insurance company for you, setup the claim, and help you with the paperwork.

If you live in the Belleville or Sumpter area, or if you live in or around Canton, Carleton, New Boston, Romulus, or Ypsilanti, take advantage of our collision repair services and make Sumpter Collision your choice in auto body repair!

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