Collision Repair Experts

Frame Repair

When you've been in a collision, there may be a lot of damage that's impossible to see from just looking at the outside of the vehicle. Often times, the most extensive damage is seen in the frame when the car is lifted onto a hoist. At Sumpter Collision, our collision team can provide frame straightening and frame repair that will restore your vehicle's structural integrity and allow it to drive straight once again.

Our frame straightening equipment is state-of-the-art and gives us access to a database full of measurements for almost any car built in the last 15 years. These measurements (which will help ensure your car's frame repair is adequate) come from actual vehicles, not just pre-production blue prints. In fact, our equipment is so precise that it's accurate up to about 1mm (the thickness of a dime). Contact us today!

Automotive Frame Straightening

The first step in repairing a vehicle after a collision is straightening the frame or unibody and replacing any broken parts that ensure structural stability. This process begins with securing the vehicle to a frame straightening rack and then slowly and methodically pulling the frame back to its original position. After that has been completed, we'll get to work replacing any other parts that are used for structural stability and add welds when needed to ensure a safe, reliable frame.

Once the frame has been straightened and checked for accuracy and stability, we'll align your wheels and tires to be sure your vehicle drives like it did before the accident. Once the alignment is complete and other non-visual damage has been repaired, we'll move onto the more obvious damaged areas including panel replacement, dent repair, and other parts of the collision repair process.

At Sumpter Collision, we want to be your complete, bumper-to-bumper solution for all your collision repair needs. We've proudly served customers in and around our community including residents of Belleville, Canton, Carleton, New Boston, Romulus, Sumpter and Ypsilanti. Come see what others in our area have already found... The best frame repair with the friendliest service available!

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