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To go the extra mile to keep your vehicle looking its best, we provide automotive detailing services for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our car and truck detailing services will get your vehicle looking like it just came off the showroom floor by thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior using professional, commercial-grade products.

If you insist on having your vehicle look its best, schedule detailing service with us today. We've helped make hundreds of cars look brand new by detailing cars from Belleville, Canton, Carleton, New Boston, Romulus, Sumpter, Ypsilanti, and more.

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Before Car Detailing

Detailing The Interior

Detailing the interior of a vehicle properly takes experience, a precise eye, and a time-tested approach to make sure nothing is missed - especially after a collision. Our vehicle detailing services reach every nook and cranny of your vehicle's interior to restore shine to interior panels, depth and cleanliness to the carpets and seats, and a finished product that you'll be proud of.

Many people consider detailing the interior of the vehicle even more important than the body, since it's where we spend most of our time. When you let us detail your car or truck, we'll start with vacuuming the vehicle in its entirety, removing the floor mats to make sure they are cleaned separately before finishing with the seats, beneath the seats, and the rest of the carpet.

Once the carpet and seats have been vacuumed, we'll go ahead and start on the hard surfaces (dashboard and door panels). Using solvents and polishes, we'll restore the look and feel of a brand new dash and even take a Q-tip to areas around the electronic components, gauges, and HVAC vents. While using Q-tips may seem like overkill for the at-home detailing job, we know that the extra time and care will help separate an average detailing with a professional one.

We'll finish off the interior detailing by cleaning the seats with either leather/vinyl polish or shampoo (for cloth seats) before finishing up with shampooing the carpet. Once that has been done and has had time to adequately dry, we'll re-install the floor mats and your interior detail will be complete.

Detailing The Exterior

Detailing the exterior or body of your vehicle is a process that involves cleaning and restoring a shine to the vehicle's paint, chrome, windows, wheels, and tires. Exterior detailing is comprised of three basic components: Cleaning, polishing, and protecting. We'll start with cleaning the exterior of the vehicle with soap and water to remove dust, dirt and debris that are picked up with regular use. After the initial wash, wheel cleaner can be applied and allowed to set, loosening brake dust and other grime for a few minutes before being wiped and rinsed off.

After the exterior has been cleaned of loose dirt, we use buffers to mask and remove minor scratches to the vehicle's clear coat and restore the original shine of the paint. This polishing process is something that many vehicle owners neglect and is a sure way to distinguish a professional detailing job from an amateur one. After polishing the vehicle, we'll add protective wax to the exterior to help keep it looking great for a long time.

Engine Bay Detailing

Engine Detailing

For any car enthusiast, the engine bay cannot go overlooked when detailing. Both new and classic cars alike will never look their best without taking the time to detail the engine and engine components - and this is a factor we certainly will not overlook with your vehicle. Whether you are getting your vehicle ready for an upcoming car show, or you're the kind of car owner who just appreciates an immaculate automobile, our professional auto detailing service is sure please. We will get your vehicle looking its best!

Much like our collision repair, we detail cars and trucks for people all over the area and have happy customers that come see us from Belleville, Canton, Carleton, New Boston, Romulus, Sumpter, Ypsilanti, and more. Come see the difference today and hire the best auto detailing shop in the area. Call Sumpter Collision today or send us an email here.

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