Belleville-Sumpter Auto Glass Replacement

As part of our commitment to provide a 1-stop complete collision repair facility, we've recently added auto glass replacement to our collision repair services. With the ability to give our customers new auto glass or repair a damaged windshield, it's even easier to get your car back on the road in its pre-accident condition. Does your windshield have rock-chips from road debris being kicked up and damaging the windshield? Let us repair them before the damage spreads and the glass requires a replacement.

Did you know that if you have collision insurance on your vehicle your windshield repair may be free? That's right! Since replacing a windshield is often much more costly than a windshield repair, many insurance companies will waive your deductible on windshield repairs which means restoring the clarity to your windshield may cost you nothing out-of-pocket! Call for details and see if you qualify today.

Windshield Repair

Our windshield repair services will drastically reduce the appearance of a rock-chip or other minor damage to the windshield. When you repair a windshield the strength and clarity of the glass is restored, and further damage (from the chip spreading and cracking) is prevented. Windshield repair is also a great way to fix minor damage on a windshield and costs FAR less than replacing the entire glass. If your windshield has been damaged from weather, debris, or some other way, give Sumpter Collision a call and let us see if a repair can restore your windshield. If the damage is too large or if a repair is impossible, we offer some great deals on replacement windshields and can install them for you.

Auto Glass Replacement

If your vehicle has broken auto glass, let us replace the damaged glass for you. There could be a variety of conditions which may cause your vehicle windows to break, but the most common cause of breaks are due to a collision. When a collision occurs, let us install new auto glass while we're doing the collision repairs. We install OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent), and quality aftermarket glass that'll be a perfect fit to ensure the structural integrity of your vehicle is restored.

Hazards of Broken Auto Glass

Did you know that the glass in your vehicle is actually part of the safety features designed by the manufacturer? It's true! The glass in your vehicle does more than keep out wind and rain, it's also part of the vehicle's safety system that helps to properly deploy the air bags and support the roof in the event of an accident. If you have broken auto glass, don't wait to have it replaced. Not only can the glare and cracks obstruct your view of the road while you're driving, but improperly installed or damaged glass can put you and your passengers at risk!

At Sumpter Collision, Jim Chudzinski continues the same tradition his father [Walter] started over 50 years ago... Quality collision repairs and auto body work with expert customer service to residents in the Belleville and Sumpter area, as well as in Canton, Carleton, New Boston, Romulus, and Ypsilanti.

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